JR Flight Services, Inc.                                     ‚Äč

Judith Reif, President of JR Flight Services, Inc. earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, Geology and Meteorology from Western Kentucky University.  She was hired as a Meteorological Technician at WSMV-TV in Nashville, TN, working closely with the local weathercaster, newsroom staff and wrote scripts for the 6pm and 10pm weathercasts.

She obtained her private pilots certificate and became the first female president of a search and rescue club in Fort Myers, FL since its formation in 1965.

In 1999, Judith transitioned into corporate aviation working as a Part 91/135 scheduler for a Lear 60 operation and in 2001 became a corporate aviation flight attendant.  

She worked with several aircraft manufacturers maintaining extensive knowledge of aircraft in assisting sales teams with product promotion at static displays, demonstration flights along with delivery support. 

Besides general flight attendant duties, Judith was lead contract flight attendant manager responsible for multiple aircraft, staff of contract flight attendants and worked closely with oversees counterparts in "streamlining" operational procedures relating to inflight service standards for multicultural company executives.  

She assisted a flight department safety officer in developing an executive evacuation training program, implemented flight attendant standards and training program for the department's IS-BAO certification.  

In 2007, she became the first contract flight attendant to serve as Chairperson of NBAA's Flight Attendants' Committee.  While serving on the flight attendant committee, she was featured in several articles on cabin safety, NBAA Journal of Business Aviation, 2007 "Training Earns Flight Attendants Long-Sought Recognition" and AeroSafety World, October 2007 - "Beyond Passenger Service".  

She also developed the concept for the EBACE Flight Attendants'/Cabin Attendants' Symposium and International Flight Attendants' Committee and was recently accepted to NBAA's Access/Weather SubCommittee.