JR Flight Services, Inc.                                     ‚Äč

At 41,000' - you find out the boss' favorite beverage was left at the hangar.

What if - on the way to London - the bottle opener is missing from the galley utensil drawer.

Whether the CEO or private owner travels domestically or internationally, customizing the aircraft to their personal taste offers a bit of comfort and convenience during those long busy days away from the office or home.  From equipping a small cabin aircraft with basic stock items to coordinating china, glassware, linens and additional amenity products for a large cabin aircraft, JR Flight Services provides initial galley and cabin setup customizing to your owner's needs taking the burden off pilots and office staff.

We work closely with flight department personnel in establishing the "preferred preference" list of onboard items.  Once the shopping and stocking process is complete, the owner will have a fully stocked aircraft ready for passenger service.